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Social Media & Advanced Internet Investigations

In today’s business climate thorough background investigations and due diligence are critical to your company’s ability to make informed decisions. With the surge of social media and online activity in recent years, it is also necessary to understand the online reputation and overall web presence of an individual in addition to their personal and professional backgrounds.

With that in mind, Whelan & Whelan has developed our social media investigations and advanced internet research service to help you fully vet potential employees and business partners. This service can be used to expand a due diligence or background investigation, or utilized as a stand-alone product.

How It Works

We offer two approaches to better serve your needs. The first is our basic internet and social media review package which is focused on locating:

  • Usernames & Accounts
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Email Addresses
  • Online Profiles

We also offer a custom, in-depth social media investigation and advanced internet research service.  This product is designed to let you focus on specific areas of concern. It includes the basic internet and social media review detailed above, along with a detailed reporting on the content and an assessment of the information we uncover. The social media investigation also includes a full Internet review of each person/company to discover their overall web presence and activity, including:

  • Web 2.0 searches (social media)
  • Deep web research (beyond Google)
  • Reputation Search of review sites, message boards, blogs, and web communities
  • May also include public records (i.e., litigation, criminal matters, etc.) and news references.

Key Features

  • Review Overall Web Presence
  • Full Online Reputation Check
  • Location of Derogatory Materials
  • Fully Vet Individuals and Companies
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We live so much of our lives online, and yet traditional background screening methods don’t tend to reflect that. In order to fully understand an individual’s background, you need to gather and analyze all available data, including online presence and reputation. We designed this product to help you get the whole story, to thoroughly vet individuals, and to enhance traditional investigations.

Melissa Whelan

Chief Compliance Officer & VP of Investigations, Whelan & Whelan LLC

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