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One of the most important decisions that you make for your business is the hiring of new employees. Quality pre-employment screening is critical to your company. The consequences from a bad hire, whether it be the new receptionist or CEO at your company, can cost you unnecessary time, money, and frustration. The direct and indirect costs add up. Don’t worry, we can help you obtain the information you need to make informed hiring decisions and stay within your allocated resource budget.

We created our background checks system so that you can customize each project to meet your specific needs. By structuring our program in this manner, we can offer a superior service at a lower price point than our competitors while consistently providing you with the necessary and critical information you need for each hiring decision.

How It Works

Customers select one of three Base Plans ranging from basic to comprehensive and then have the option of adding Investigative Upgrades to each Base Plan. This type of flexibility allows you to customize each project to your specific requirements. Our range of service offerings include, but are not limited to, the following options:

  • Federal & State Criminal History
  • Driver’s License Review
  • Sex Offender Registry Search & Verification
  • Personal Information Verification
  • Federal & State Civil Litigation Search
  • Professional Credential Verification
  • Bankruptcy Filing Review
  • News Media Search
  • Direct & Indirect Employment Confirmation
  • Confirmation of Resume Materials
  • Full Internet Social Media Review
  • Personal & Professional Interviews

In addition to our professionally designed background investigations, we also offer a fully customizable option. Create a background check tailored to your specifications and resource budget. With this custom service option, you have the ability to control what information is researched based on your project’s specific needs.

Key Features

  • Available Throughout the United States
  • Fully Customizable Background Checks
  • Accurate and Verified Information
  • Legally Compliant Investigations

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Do I Need a Signed Release to Run Background Checks?

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I have been performing background checks and due diligence services for almost twenty years.  Based on my experience, I designed Whelan & Whelan’s background investigations to be fully customizable.  I wanted to ensure that high quality, professional background checks were made available to small businesses, where hiring decisions are critical to the company’s success.  We provide professional, legal, and affordable services that help individuals and companies find the information they need to make sound decisions.  That is my commitment to each and every one of our clients.

Tom Whelan

President & COO, Whelan & Whelan LLC

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