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Whelan & Whelan is a licensed private investigative firm providing exceptional and affordable investigations to the legal community. Our team of professional investigators is focused on helping attorneys obtain the information they need for all stages of case development. From vetting the backgrounds of clients, witnesses, experts, and jurors to uncovering facts relevant to any case, we can assist in closing your case file, winning your case in court, or even deciding if filing litigation is worthwhile. Our Attorney Support Services can make the difference in your next case.

If there is something critical to your case that you need to know, let us help. Please contact us to see how we can assist you in getting the information you need.

How It Works

Each project is completed by experienced, professional investigators. We strive to keep our costs down for you. No two situations are identical, and we understand that. Each investigative option is priced according to the time we actually spend completing your project and this is billed per half hour (30 min). Prior to beginning an investigation on your behalf, you will be given a detailed estimate. Additionally, any expenses we incur during your project are charged on a one to one ratio. Some of our most popular services include:

Whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or you need to locate assets for attachment, we can help. We will conduct research on an individual or company and provide you with a comprehensive list of assets, which can include: real and personal property, corporate interests, and intellectual property (i.e., patents & copyrights). If you have obtained a judgment, we can also assist with locating bank and brokerage account records.
We offer document retrieval across New York State and we are centrally located for easy access to all major cities. Our team of professionals has years of experience with legal document retrieval and are familiar with criminal filings, litigation matters, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, deeds, mortgages, UCC, and business filings. Fast and accurate searches with same day expedited service when available upon request.
If you need to locate an individual our Skip Tracing services are unparalleled. We can help you find missing heirs, witnesses, and anyone else that you are having a difficult time locating. Let our expertise make your job easier. We can locate individuals quickly and cost efficiently.
Do you need a statement from a witness or a character interview? We can assist with that too. We offer the options of handwritten and signed statements as well as recorded interviews, for your convenience. Our experienced team can save you time and resources by performing professional interviews on your behalf.
When you need to accurately assess the background and credibility of a client, juror, witness or expert, our professional background screening services will provide a clearer picture. From verifying credentials to determining a history of criminal and/or civil litigation filings, we offer a variety of background screening packages and investigative upgrade selections to satisfy any budget. Don’t get surprised in Court, know beforehand.
When traditional investigative and research methods are not enough to obtain the information you need, Whelan & Whelan can provide you with covert surveillance services. We conduct stationary and mobile surveillance for short – and long-term assignments and offer the option of receiving observational, photographic, or video evidence. We also provide activity checks to help you establish daily routines, appointments, employment, and relationships, as well as to confirm child and elder welfare.
If you need information to verify specific details concerning your case, such as confirming statements made by clients and witnesses or uncovering critical evidence, our team of investigators can help. We have the experience and skill set to gather information legally and professionally. Through our membership in various state, national, and international trade associations, we also have access to an extensive group of investigative experts and specialists to assist in all facets of your case.
So you won your case and were awarded a large monetary judgment, now what? When you need to identify assets for attachment and ascertain the financial status of your debtor, we can help with GLB compliant bank account searches, real and personal property holding checks, locating hidden assets, and tracing recently transferred interests. Our team of credit and collections professionals have years of experience collecting large monetary sums and can help get you paid.

Key Features

  • Experienced Investigators
  • Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
  • Professional Results
  • Accurate Information
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Our team of professional investigators can make the difference in your next case. We understand the legal process and the need for accurate and thorough reporting of facts. One piece of information can make all the difference in your case. Next time you need answers, call us. We can help with professional, affordable investigations you can depend on.”

Melissa Whelan

CCO & VP of Investigations, Whelan & Whelan LLC

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